Inspired by Havana's eponymous waterfront and center of Cuban joie de vivre, Malecón serves as a place for artistic expression in the field of performing arts. The music school has a participatory approach and thus actively promotes the talents of the respective artists. 

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Expertise for Animals

Expterise for Animals is the interface between science and  organizations/players of the animal movement and communicates specific expertise and scientific knowledge in the sense of non-human animals. 

"Our vision is a world in which all sentient beings have the freedom to live self-determined lives and are respected as individuals."

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What is zeitgeist? „We are constantly surrounded by it, but can still never really grasp it: The zeitgeist floats as a formative instance above us - but finds its shape first and foremost with us an through us.“

As a part of a digital exhibition, initiated by Annika Soja and Lena Manger, I created a poster series to address my (political) point of view concerning the subject zeitgeist:

Fear is an ubiquitous condition, which has an important function in the evolutionary history, but seems to be given more and more space in our life considering the current world affairs. Fear is felt by those who are leaning against structures and systems that are unjust, fascistic, racist, homophobic et cetera. Anger, on the other hand, can be used as an impulse for initiating progressive processes to reverse the disruptive circumstances. 

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Ubuntus is an inclusive art and education programme which enables non-refugee children/young people, and children/young people who have fled their home countries and are living in collective accommodation and emergency shelters, to become partners.

Through those partnerships and other linked modules the programme creates spaces where people of all ages come in contact with each other to participate in projects on contemporary art and architecture. The influence of dealing with artistic strategies on the promotion of empathy and respectful dissent is an essential part of the work of Ubuntus.

Concept and creation of the new Corporate Identity for Ubuntus, such as all the visual output including the photography. 

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The partner for efficient financial processes, transparent information structures and customized IT solutions.

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Canum Fortuna

Design and implementation of a compact but concise website to create a differentiation to the industry environment.

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Der Kreis

An experimental approach to create a Corporate Identity out of a poster series. Trough the process it became clear, that a rather personal idea or concept can be transformed into a basis for a more commercial purpose.

Branding, Poster Design

Palais Privat Club

During my time at Eps51 I created the new Corporate Identity for the Palais Club in Munich. 

Collages of romantic paintings, witty slogans and the use of contrasting typefaces and graphic elements represent the infamous state of mind the club is best known for. 

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This selection of posters display some non-commercial work I have been doing over the years. 

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